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  Member states
HeadquartersLuxembourg, Van Luxemburg
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The Maredoratic League is a regional organization based in Maredoratica which seeks to maintain the sovereign status of Maredoratic states and the security of the region as a whole. Nations of all political and economic affiliations are permitted to join and one of the League's main goals is to promote, if not friendly, favorable relations between member states regardless of differences in politics. The League is a supranational entity, capable of enacting legislation for all its member states. It has an executive arm managing several organisations, and oversees the national administrations of certain territories which the League is entrusted to manage.


Member states


The League main headquarters is in Luxembourg, Van Luxemburg. In certain respects, for the duration of ML General Assembly meetings, the city is considered international territory, although usually this only applies to the ML building itself. The ML Charter describes the League as being composed of five main bodies:

  • Maredoratic League General Assembly: The General Assembly (GA) is a deliberate body, which is responsible for drafting and approving non-binding legislation. Member states have a set number of delegates based on the size of their population. The primary roll of the General Assembly is in overseeing the various League institutions; it has the authority to set their agenda by outlining the direction and principles of said institutions, granting them funding, and confirming or vetoing nominees for their Director-General positions.
  • Maredoratic League Council: The Council is able to pass binding legislation, and is composed of the heads of state (or government) for each member-state. The Council may only involve itself in matters of international importance, including but not limited to: genocide and crimes against humanity, human trafficking, regional development, and trade. The Council is responsible for sanctioning peacekeeping missions once they pass through the General Assembly, and only the Council can establish or dissolve constituent organizations. The Council can, by simple majority vote, expel, sanction, or censure a member state, block a candidate state from joining, or authorize peacekeeping missions.

League powers



Maredoratic League constituent institutions are specialized intergovernmental organizations fulfilling specific mandates, which are either granted to them by ML charters, or, in the case of certain precursor organizations which are considered to have been subsumed into the Maredoratic League system (but which may have full members which are not full Maredoratic League members; for example, the Maredoratic Commission for Air Navigation), by separate preexisting treaty.

Maredoratic League institutions operate as a sort of intergovernmental civil service within the legislation of the Maredoratic League General Assembly, which oversees their operations. The Directors-General of the organizations may be nominated by any individual member of the General Assembly and approved or blocked by a simple majority vote in the GA.

Agencies of the Maredoratic League
No. Agency Acronym Headquarters Established
1 Maredoratic Health Organization MHO Jungastia Santo André, Jungastia 1973
2 Maredoratic League International Children's Education Fund MLICEF Valcluse Valence, Valcluse 1973
3 Maredoratic International Food Organization MIFO Ruccola Arugula, Ruccola 1973
4 Maredoratic Labor Organization MLO Morieux Cap-Métis, Morieux 1973
5 Maredoratic International Pharmaceuticals Agency MIPA Galla Genevad, Galla 1974
6 Maredoratic Universal Postal Organization MUPO Jungastia Santo André, Jungastia 1973
7 Maredoratic League International Bank MLIB Berry Gênes, Berry 1981
8 Maredoratic Maritime Organization MMO Morieux Sétif, Morieux 1983
9 Trans-Maredoratic Transport Organization TMTO Van Luxemburg Martigues, Van Luxemburg 1997
10 Maredoratic Tourism Agency MTA Borgosesia Seso, Borgosesia 1997
11 Maredoratic Organization for Culture, Education and Science MOCES Sondstead Windstrand, Sondstead 1985
12 Maredoratic Organisation for Human Rights, Refugees and Development MOHRRD Rochehaut Vienne, Rochehaut 1973
13 Maredoratic Trade Organization MTO Pollona Lenešice, Pollona 1975
14 Maredoratic Environmental Organization MEO Boaga Baratza, Boaga 1973


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